Thursday, May 19, 2011

C'est La Vie

Good morning everyone. Hi Christy!
What to talk about...
The season finale of HIMYM was pretty damn awesome. You should go watch that.
School has been quite normal. Life is also normal. C'est la vie.

After school yesterday, went with Siddharth to see Trini and Joanna; had lunch; then I went to see Lisa afterwards. Anyway, I'm going to trust you. I hope you're right. Taking a new approach to things now.

Listen to Deliver Us - In Flames. They released a single from their new album, which shall come out next month. Hell yes. I'm back into metal now. :D
Still love soft stuff though, Oh man, Gabe Bondoc <3
Have a good day.
Taken by Siddharth Sambaiah.

6 / 10
Mental Discomfort.

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