Monday, May 23, 2011

½ Dancing Under the Stars

Good afternoon :)
I am at school ! Shall I include a webcam photo with this post? We'll see..
Oh, I won't be finishing this post at school though, gonna go home and then I will upload photos from my phone today. I won't be writing, unless something really interesting happened, haha. Seriously, Autumn + wind = beautiful. :)

I just felt like blogging today, but I really don't know what to talk about. D:

The title is quite subtle, except to you. I wish there was a soundtrack during that, and I wish it wasn't scary; but overall, that was extremely lovely. :) The sky was also very pretty.
Now that I think about it, that actually was quite scary. If you didn't turn around, who knows? D: He was too close, and who does that? :S

In the near-future;
I am not looking forward to tomorrow, English assessment. Oh dear god. :(
I am looking forward to Sunday. :)
I am looking forward to your birthday. :D

Also, I have decided to get fit. I shall stick with it. Hell yeah. :D

I'm your Autumn.

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