Monday, May 9, 2011

Edge of Desire

Good evening.
This shall be a long post, I believe. Lots of pictures at the end as well, it should make up for my lack of posting. Oh and the past few days have been interesting as well, that's why.
Okay okay, let's cut to the chase.

The weather has finally decided to stop being sad and the sun started shining again. Lovely.

Thanjon Michniewicz. Happy birthday for May 4th :)
For those that do not know him, he is one of my best friends, and a valued brother. It was his 18th birthday on May 4th. Yes, May the 4th be with you.
Me and Thanjon go pretty far back, and I'm glad I met him! He is quite the unique person, with his strong beliefs and all. You are quite amusing to be around Thanjon. You're a good bro :) I totally sound gay right now, but no, this is just bromance at it's best. Our hiking group got him a bag! Also, I got him an awesome card, hehehe. I'm sure he liked it. I hope he enjoys being 18, smoking his cigar and all :P

Anyway, yes yes, athletics carnival! Thursday and Friday.
I went into everything I could, I died. I didn't expect to make it into anything, our age group is monstrous. I didn't. Watching all the events were intense, and chilling out afterwards was great, however, we didn't play grounders. Sad face. It was the last ever athletics carnival ever. :'( It was wonderful though.

On Saturday, I went to see Lisa. She once went to Mt Druitt to fetch me, so, this time around, I went to Bankstown to fetch her, it's only fair. I don't mind anyway. CityFail was being crap, like always, and delayed my train at Lidcombe for another 20 minutes. I was there at Lidcombe for like almost an hour. Thanks Shittyrail. We bought stuff at Bankstown, and headed to Parramatta where I was supposed to study. ... That didn't happen. It was an amazing day though.

That night, our family (cousins, uncles, aunts, meemaw and all) went out for a mother's day dinner.

Sunday; Happy Mothers Day.
Mum, I love you.

School today, for some reason, was absolutely wonderful.
I don't know why, but it just was. Here is my day for you.

Roll Call, made paper cranes for "Cranes for Hope"
Chemistry was normal, we did an experiment. I chilled with Johnny.
Recess, just... ate, talked, normal.
Physics, did engineering. Tob asked me questions but since I'm interested in space, I know the answers anyway.
Engineering, test. I did well! Even in the mathematics related parts, so I'm happy.
Lunch time, went with Rowan and Thanjon to the music rooms. We jammed. It was, the best. The best.
PD/H/PE, only six students in the class, we engaged in a class discussion while slowly doing work. I love my class.

I went out for dinner tonight at a Bistro, I ate so much. I am still full.

Day 07 - A Letter to a celebrity you despise:
Dear... Pauline Hanson, stop being such a racist douche.

Pictures & Videos, brace yourself.

Battle Studies

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