Thursday, September 16, 2010


Day 17 - A photo of you and your family, and a letter to someone from your childhood.

July 2010

Dear Childhood best friend,
I wonder what you're up to right now, you were a really nice guy, you were fairly smart. You had common sense and I hope you're not like most of the other stupid, jigging, drinking kids right now. You were my best friend in primary school until you left ! I remember our discussions about cars, animals and when you were annoying Yeshal. Man, I have a good memory. Hope you're living a wonderful life right now.

Sincerely, Jason :)

Gah, my sennheisers (earphones) broke today. They're still under warranty so i'll be going to chatswood either on saturday or sunday.. TRYING to convince my mum to go saturday, she wants to go sunday.. but i wanna go to church.
D: <

6 / 10
My Senns :(

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