Friday, September 3, 2010


Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of one of your best friends and a letter to your sibling.
"We look like... death." -Thanjon

Yeah, this photo... we were gooooone.
Why do my legs look so skinny, i swear they're bigger than that :S

Dear Bro, 
First of all, congratulations on graduating from university. Proud of you !
You're a typical brother, you can be a dick at times, and force me around, I find that annoying.. You always yell at me to study and such. You mean well too, but I don't like it when you're like "THERES NO POINT STUDYING BECAUSE blah blah blah" But you're a good brother, you take care of me and such. Thanks bro.
Sincerely, Jason.

You are not trustworthy. GTFO. I was right about you the whole time.


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