Monday, September 20, 2010


Day 21 - A photo of something that makes you happy and someone you judged by their first impression.

Friends, of course :)

Dear First Impression Person,
I judged you by your first impression because I didn't really like you... Well, I talked to you more to get to know you and I can say... everything I thought was true, and I also just found something out about you yesterday, which makes my respect for you go to ZERO. :)

My day.
Caught train with gurps, bis, wynne, chris, es and yeolin
caught bus, ipoded, listened to crappy ipod earphones which don't block out any noise :(
just messed around with nigel and stuff before roll call, walked to roll call with them..
roll call was ... normal like always.
i had english first, that was just... it was fun, just was. LOL

recess, couldn't be bothered running because i was so sore, so i was with the table group !
Made my day.. chris has leukemia and i haven't seen him all term, and he came back today just to visit us :')
had engineering, bluuuudge.

health, health is always the bomb. full stop.
lunch consisted of table group, handball and touch footy.
physics, played scattergories the whole time :D
so rusty.. haven't played in agesssss.

caught train with year 10 brethren yo

5.5 / 10  (It would be 8/10 if my family didn't annoy me...)
We'll see...

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